handmade white porcelain frida kahlo face vase

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this slip-cast porcelain vase is an homage to the heroine, frida kahlo. limited edition, individually numbered.

as an artist, kahlo fearlessly shared her deep, dark world with vivid & deeply personal work. she was very engaged in social & political issues, outspokenly unapologetic about her sexuality & fiercely rejected feminine beauty ideals.  despite dressing to please no one but herself, her bright traditional clothing and distinguished monobrow have made her a timeless icon

based in north london, studio jAN.NE.KE creates small collections of feel-good ceramics, with a focus on handmade items, one-offs & limited runs. the design for this vase is inspired by Frida On A White Bench (New York, 1939), the famous photograph rumoured lover Nickolas Muray took of her. the mould was built on an old German doll face mould found at a flea market.

size: h16cm
material: slip cast porcelain
care: handle with care

flowers not included