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Sandalwood & Musk Hand-Poured Candle 170g

Sandalwood & Musk Hand-Poured Candle 170g

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Smooth & indulgent, with top notes of caramelised amber & honeyed sweet white musks. Our go-to fragrance for a cosy evening, with warm patchouli & buttery Madagascan vanilla pods.

Made from a coconut & rapeseed wax with the highest levels of fragrance possible, each candle is hand poured in small batches. Ambustum wicks are made from unbleached cotton, interwoven with linen thread.




Size: 170g

Burn Time: 30 hours 

Care: For the best performance, trim the wick to 5 millimetres after every use. The wick should always look short & upright for a clean burn. Allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing to prevent tunnelling.

Each burn should not exceed 4 hours.


After use, you can clean your candle jar by filling it with hot water. Any remaining wax will solidify once cool & can be easily removed.


*Please note, as every candle is hand-poured there may be slight variations in the finished product.


Made in London.